Breathe with Ece

My name is Ece Erdat. I‘m a native Turkish person from Istanbul, integrated in the Netherlands in the last years. I studied English Language and Literature in Istanbul University and graduated in 1999. I started my career as an English language teacher, but later on I specialized on teaching English to students with specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia and ADHD.  I did my specialization through a lot of trainings abroad, mainly in America. In 2007, I received my Masters of Education diploma from the Speech and Language Difficulties Department of Birmingham University in U.K and started to work as a speech difficulties specialist in Istanbul. Before I came here, I had my own clinic and was working with both Turkish and English children, their teachers, special educators and their parents. 

Now, I am a breath coach. I work with people in one to one sessions to help them breathe better. We aim at being able to breathe openly, flowingly and fully. 

Dysfunctional breathing patterns are very common in the society. Today’s life style, the pressure on us, even beginning from early childhood, changes our breathing habits over the years and results in a way that we cannot breathe naturally. Our breath is stuck in the middle of our upper body or we rely on chest breathing a lot during the day which tires our whole system, keeps us alert when its not necessary and creates a lot of chronic pain. 

Chronic pain is not only the area connected and conscious breathing helps. More than 200 illnesses can be helped by only changing breathing habits, from heart problems, lung diseases, blood sugar, hyperventilation, panic attack, sleep apnea, asthma and allergies. It is stated that MS patients benefit from breath-coaching sessions a lot and it helps cancer patients, too. Natural, conscious, connected breathing provides very quick relief from stress, lowers blood pressure and increases blood circulation. It also reduces the symptoms of depression, mood swings and it increases concentration. You have a clearer and quieter mind. It can help healing early traumatic experiences or PTSD. 

I give workshops to increase the awareness on the subject matter and I give online one to one sessions. Half an hour of a session is 30 Euros and three quarters of an hour is 45 Euros.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions by texting or calling.

Ece Erdat 

Breath Coach


+31 6-52 563 670