“La femme, une sorcière éternelle”

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“La femme, une sorcière éternelle”
This exposition of Margot van Huijkelom will be showcased from May 17th until June 28th at four different locations in the Netherlands by l’Alliance Française des Pays-Bas.

On May 20th a festive opening ceremony will be held in gallery @atelierk84 at De Keizersgracht 84 in Amsterdam. The doors of K84 will open at 15.00 hours and the book launch with the author Susan Smit will start at 16.00 hours @susansmitinstagram.
Margot’s paintings are inspired by the beautiful and successful novel “De heks van
Limbricht”. By the way the gallery K84 can be visited on May 17th, 18th 19th and Sunday May 21st from 12.00 till 19.00 hours.

Please visit www.alliance-francaise.nl/sorciere/ to reserve your place for one of these four events.

The author Susan Smit and editor Willemijn Peene of @lebowskipublishers, will launch the French version of « La sorcière de Limbricht » on this occasion.
The paintings are a commemoration of the women that were accused of and persecuted for witchcraft. The extraordinary virtues of these women could however not be erased!

Artist Paola Kalshoven is our special guest and will show her Art-flowers made from waste @paolakalshoven.

Our second event will be hosted by the Alliance Française Eindhoven on 31st May at a beautiful location Domus Dela. The doors open at 18.30 hours and the presentation starts at 19.30 hours @allliancefrancaiseeindhoven.

The third takes place June 8 th in the eldest church in Utrecht, Pieterskerk, Pieterskerkhof 5 in Utrecht and is hosted by Alliance Française Utrecht. The doors open at 18.30 hours and the presentation starts at 19.30 hours @alliancefrancaiseutrecht.

The last stop in the Netherlands is in the lovely premises of Alliance Française la Haye on June 13 th, the exhibition will stay a fortnight at the Emmapark 6 in The Hague, details will follow shortly @alliancefrancaiselahaye #artexhibition #tournee #witchesofinstagram #witches.